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Phone: (626) 335-8856

Alternate Phone: (626) 419-1330
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Glendora Soo Bahk Do (Formerly known as Glendora Korean Karate Center) was opened in June 1999 by Sa Bom Nim George Hoffmeister. Sa Bom Nim Hoffmeister has been training in, and teaching Soo Bahk Do since 1984. He has won several national and international tournaments in both sparring and forms.

Glendora Soo Bahk Do offers 6 main programs that include:
  • Traditional Adult: 13+ years Classes consist of stretching and breathing, accompanied by high cardio, self-defense, sparring and bagwork. All ranks train together, the goal being to earn the black belt after 4 1/2 years.
  • Traditional Children's: 6-12 years Training is available up to six times per week for committed students. Our philosophy is, the more kids attend, the better they get. We recommend, however, that students attend at least two times per week. This program includes: sparring, grappling, 1 step sparring, self-defense, hyung (forms).
  • Kinder Karate: 3-6 years Classes are organized around series of themes, aimed at developing children's character, as well as their coordination. Each ten week theme ends with a test and a promotion to a different color stripe, mimicking the adult rank structure. Classes meet two times per week.
  • Cardio Kick-boxing: 13+ years We have combined the elements of martial arts, boxing and aerobics to provide a total body workout. Each cardiovascular workout provides overall physical conditioning and toning. Each 45 minute class includes traditional stretching and warm up exercises, a kicking and punching routine using bags, and toning exercises. Monthly and per class rates are available. Your first class is free!
  • Black Belt & Masters Club: 13+ years The Masters Club (all Do Jang black belts) is on Wednesdays and the 1st Saturday of the month with the Black belt club. The Black Belt Club is two special classes per month: one on every 3rd Tuesday at 6-6:50pm, and one every first Saturday from 10-11:40am. Any adult Do Jang member can become a member of this club for an additional $20 per month. The Saturday morning Black Belt Club class will be taught together with the "Masters Club." On this occasion visiting masters will be teaching specialty classes on a variety of topics outside the normal curriculum.