Region 9 Soo Bahk Do Events

Region 9's calendar of events for Soo Bahk Do studios in California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

2024 Calendar of Events

Calendar Events

May 10th - Ko Dan Ja Clinic (Lomita, CA)

May 10th - Board of Directors meeting (Lomita, CA)

May 11th - 153rd Dan Shim Sa & Clinic (Lomita, CA)
                   Host: Josh Duncan Sa Bom Nim

June 28th - Ko Dan Ja Pre-Test (Location TBD)

June 29th - Region 9 Championships (Gardena, CA)
                    Host: Larry Drehs SA Bom Nim

Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa Pre-Evaluation

TBD - Ko Dan Ja Pretest and Ko Dan Ja Academy



  • Upload your required videos to the Regional Examiners (REX)
  • Submit the Region 9 Application for the Ko Dan Ja pre test (file linked below)


2024 Dan Testing Forms (Spring Testing - May 11th)

Here is the paperwork checklist for the 153rd Dan Testing.

Additional PDF instructions (Use Adobe Typing Tool To Fill Out PDF)